Physiotherapy for Football Players in Birmingham

Liverpool v Chelsea - Barclays Premier LeaguePhysiotherapy helps in restoring movement & function when a footballer is affected by an injury. It basically takes a holistic-approach which involves the patient-directly in their very own care. The physiotherapist treats the footballer, helping him manage the pain by using various methods to aid in the recovery.

Physiotherapy involves the use of massage, manipulation & special exercises so as to improve the range-of motion & return normal functioning of the injured area. For instance, a footballer like Wayne Rooney of Manchester United who is currently recovering from an ankle/foot injury, can benefit from the programme of walking & swimming which helps in strengthening the muscles in the-affected area.

Sports Massage

Some sports therapists & coaches believe that a massage can speed up the recovery-process. They argue that a massage can help in encouraging the blood flow into the affected areas and nutrients in the blood may help in repairing any damaged tissues. A massage might also increase flexibility-in the affected body areas. However, massage isn’t recommended if you’ve a serious soft tissue injury, like a torn-ligament, as it might make that kind of injury worse.

A sports therapist or a local physiotherapist such as a sports injury clinic birmingham may also help in identifying the root cause of an injury & offer advice on just how to avoid such an injury from happening again, for instance, by correcting poor-exercise technique. Some sports’ therapists say that using heat-therapy (that is lamps and/or heat pads) and ultrasound therapy (that is, high energy sound waves) might work in a much similar way to massage-by stimulating the blood flow to affected areas. The ultrasound speeds up the healing-process of the fractured bones. The heat treatment also helps in relieving pain. Generally, a sports massage is quite useful as part-of an overall sporting-regime. It helps reduce risk of injury, helps in improving flexibility & encourages relaxation. Sports massage uses a variety-of classic massage strokes along with specific deep-tissue techniques, which work on your body’s soft tissues, tendons, muscles and fascia.

Sports injuries

Some of the more common football injuries are to the-head, ankles, shoulders, knees and hamstrings. Most of these injuries are preventable, that’s where a physiotherapist comes in. They will aid you rehabilitate from the injury, they’ll show you just how to prevent another one occurring and they can work with you so as to improve your general sporting performance.

How Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Can Help You;

-Eases the soreness, tension and the tightness in your muscles.
-Improves recovery-time from your training, thus leading to an improved quality performance.
-Assists in preventing soft tissue injuries and reduces recovery-time in case an injury occurs.
-Helps in general relaxation and stress relief.